How You Can Use Your O2 Oxygen Drops

(You Don't Have To Know All The Answers...)

"Oxygen is the key to life, health, and longevity." – Dr. Stephen R. Krauss

O2 Drops® Recommended DO'S & DON'TS

To ensure that you enjoy the best experience possible when taking your O2 Drops, here is a list of recommended Do's and Don'ts:
  • O2 drops should be taken sublingually (under the tongue). The recommended serving is 15 drops each time, three times daily - Some of our customers use less drops per serving; some use more.
  • Taking the O2 Drops sublingually allows the Active Stabilized Oxygen and Lyophollic Third State Minerals (LTSM) in O2 Drops to get into your blood stream much quicker via the capillary blood vessels under the tongue.
  • When taking your O2 Drops, do not swallow immediately. The longer you're able to refrain from swallowing, the better. At least 2-3 minutes is recommended.
  • O2 Drops should NOT be mixed with any liquid other than water. Other liquids will destabilize the Oxygen.
  • O2 drops should NOT be taken within a half hour BEFORE, or one hour AFTER Eating... Or, consuming any liquid other than water... Or, taking another nutritional supplement or prescription medication.
  • If you take your O2 Drops with a spoon, DO NOT use a metal spoon, as metal destabilizes the oxygen - use plastic.
  • If you have silver fillings, DO NOT swoosh the Drops around in your mouth, as the silver will destabilize the oxygen.
  • We also recommend that one of your daily doses of O2 Drops is "before" bedtime, as our body does most of its repairing while we're sleeping.
  • O2 Drops can also be used externally on cuts, bruises, rashes, unwanted moles, for the ears, eyes, on areas of pain, etc..

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